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Naturopath & Nutritionist Lisa Mason brings a wealth of information to our center to guide your health goals, encompassing holistic practices & herbal medicine.

Through practicing with a ‘whole body’ naturopathic philosophy, she is able to provide you and your family the best and latest information to ensure everyone can be at their best. Along with life experience of raising 2 children and understanding the mounting pressures of running a household & the juggling it takes to sometimes just make it through the day.

Whether that be helping you plan for optimal choices day to day, nutrition advice, managing sleep, helping you strengthen a body system that is under stress or navigate more complex issues. Each person will receive individualized care specifically suited to support their whole body health through natural methods.

With so much constantly changing information out there it is sometimes hard to find the right fit. Here we can work together & find what works for you & your family to get the very best outcome for you to live your best everyday.

If you have any questions or not sure it this is the right fit for you, email or call to book a FREE 15 minute session to see how we can help.

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